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DetailSubCategoryPart NumberCFM120CFM100
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Externally Heated DryersSPEH-115  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-145  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-200  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-295  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-415  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-585  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-765  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-940  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-1175  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-1470  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-1650  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-1880  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-2115  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-2350  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-2650  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-2940  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-3235  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-3530  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-4115  
Externally Heated DryersSPEH-4700  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-115  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-145  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-200  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-295  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-415  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-585  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-765  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-940  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-1175  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-1470  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-1650  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-1880  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-2115  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-2350  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-2650  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-2940  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-3235  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-3530  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-4115  
Blower Purge DryerSPBS-4700  
Heatless DryersSPMR-12-116  
Heatless DryersSPMR-18-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-30-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-30-116 Template 2024-01-19  
Heatless DryersSPS-40-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-60-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-85-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-115-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-145-116  
Heatless DryersSPS-200-116  
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