Protect Your Rotary Screw Air Compressor with these Superior Synthetic Lubricants

Industrial Electric Air Compressor Lubricants

Palasyn 45 is a custom-formulated lubricant specifically designed for long life under the severe, demanding conditions normally encountered in recirculating systems such as rotary screw compressors.  It combines the advantages of synthesized hydrocarbon which results in performance improvements beyond conventional mineral oils and many synthetic oils.

Pal-EXTRA 44 is a custom-formulated polyolester 100% synthetic lubricant designed to keep deposits low in high temperatures and resistant to acidic intake air.

Pallube 32p is a specially formulated 100% synthetic lubricant using polyalkalene glycol (PAG) and pentaerythritol esters as the base fluid, which provides better cooling under high ambient temperatures. Does not form varnishe deposits like pretroleum or PAO oils.

Food Grade 32 LL is a custom blended polyalphaolefin (PAO) of 100% synthetic base oils using only FDA approved ingredients which gives it a high rating for incidental food contact.

Pal-EXTRA 68 is a 100% synthetic lubricant using polyolester (POE) base fluid which is very thermally stable at higher operating temperatures as well as being resistant to degradation from ingested fumes and acidic air.

Pal-Flushlube SL-620 is a 100% synthetic cleaning formula designed to dissolve varnish and solubilize sludge during operation. Operate under normal condition for a maximum of 500 hours prior to lubricant change.